Form Meaning Use – Lesson Evaluation

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I used Prezi presentation for this class. I used the same material, but this time I put it up on the screen for the students to see. I think this worked a lot better. I think sometimes the students do not follow you that well when you hand out sheets and start talking about it. I have noticed they do not follow that well. So, this time I had both, sheet and Prezi. This went a lot better. I also added a story for them to follow as I was teaching an understanding of sentences and the use of a story very much highlighted the concept that I was putting across. It was amazing as well how many students kept asking questions for clarifications. Of course, they are native speakers and the story had missing information, but I thought it was great because as an English teacher they were asking questions in English. One point of issue is that at the end of my presentation I asked the students to try Form Meaning Use in a sentence, but they just used my last example and thought they had to copy that. I did not follow that they only thought they had to copy my last example and not make up their own. I thought I made it clear.


Firstly, I started using Prezi for this class as it was new to me and I certainly found the benefits of it worked for the class. This was part of my reflection process as I was debating from the last class how to improve.  It was hard to just get the students to follow me on the sheets, so Prezi worked well. I also improved my explanation of Form, Meaning, and Use. I now started to include a demo lesson to explain the point which highlighted the lesson subject far clearer. I feel all my thoughts and subsequent changes to my lesson relate to points made by Richards and Lockhart that “much can be learned about teaching through self-inquiry” and also that “much of what happens in teaching is unknown to the teacher” (1994, p.3). I feel now that this lesson is where I want it to be, but it would not have been there if I had not made that ‘self-enquiry’. Moreover, as I mentioned in my first reflection that it was ‘amazing how many students kept asking for clarification.’ The students now have material that is of some quality for their studies that encourages questions and understanding.

Richards, J. C., & Lockhart, C. (1994). Reflective teaching in second language classrooms. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Apps, Apps and more Apps (when will it stop!)

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I now have a new iPad, and there are many Apps to work with. Also, after speaking to other teachers and using the web to find other useful ones, downloading them, I am presently overloaded with Apps. My endeavour is to find out which Apps suit my teaching style and others that have a real benefit to the students. As a side-note, one major factor is that I have an iPad, but my students are normally used to old computers. So, I just wanted to make a note of some of the Apps I found quite interesting. I did start using iTunes U, but this meant the students need to get an Apple ID. For any student, this would a task, so I would recommend using up Edmodo. This is a great site for uploading class material. I then ventured to NearPod which impressed me after using Prezi, Powerpoint, and Keynote. It is not your usual presentation site because you can add quizzes and polls squeezed into your presentation as you deliver it. It will keep the students busy. It also allows you to give the presentation to the students slide by slide when needed. Once they are signed on and you give them the code for the class, you are ready to go.

I do have many Apps, but the last one (I don’t want to bore you, too much) that I will mention is GoodReader. This one allows you to store all your class material. PDF files can be AirDropped to your students through the iPads. Once they have done this work they can send it back to you. This is great for marking as you can use your fingers (as like a pen) to mark their work and then send back to them. Hey presto no paper!!. Oh yeah, TeacherKit is a great way to remember student names, you take their picture and write their names underneath. You can take attendance with this too. I could go on but as you see from below this is my iPad with many more Apps. Good luck with your iPads if you have them (they are becoming hard to avoid)!