Hitler – The development of evil

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In the multitude of years that humans have walked this planet, the German leader Adolf Hitler has to be one of the most evil people to ever come into existence. Not solely attributed but largely as a consequence of Hitler through his regime of Nazism an estimated eleven million people were killed which included six million Jews. These are staggering figures but why so many Jews? Moreover, why was Hitler so against the Jewish continuation as a people in his country and ultimately as a race? In this essay, I would like to posit some ideas on the causes of Hitler disgust of the Jewish race while showing the effects that came about as he became the German leader.

To begin with, highlighting the factors that motivated Hitler’s resentment to Jews would be by looking at Hitler’s grandmother who was a maid to a Jewish family. She was most likely to have had sexual relations with her superior as was common in those days. Further credence to this story and the likelihood Hitler’s father was born of a Jewish father was seen through his father being brought up without a father.  As a child, Hitler’s father regularly beat him and his mother. Hitler would become very close to his mother; her strong attraction may be due to losing a few children in early life. His love for his mother grew greater as he formed a greater resentment toward his father seeing him as poisoned. These daily beatings, one ending in a coma must have created in Hitler a sense of him being an evil kid and a feeling of being useless.

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2 thoughts on “Hitler – The development of evil

    hfirmin said:
    August 25, 2014 at 9:26 am

    You have made some very valid points and I do agree that it is likely that Hitler’s formative experiences did have an influence on his views. However, I think it’s important to remember that anti-semitism was already ingrained in certain parts of society and was therefore not a novel idea that Hitler came up with alone. Some may argue that he played on this existing prejudice in order to gain support, for Nazi ideology often changed to fit its audience. Also, although Jews were persecuted to the greatest extent, it is important to remember that Hitler directed his hate towards various other sections of society, such as homosexuals, the disabled, gypsies and the Slavic people. I would be interested to know your views regarding where his hate for these groups stemmed from?

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      Neil responded:
      July 3, 2017 at 9:27 pm

      That is a good question. Hitler certainly had a moral crusade to cleanse Germany, be that racially or culturally. He wanted the Aryan population to grow and he thought gay men, for example, would not contribute to this because, in his eyes, they weakened society and his move to a so-called master race. Moreover, this concept mirrored his views on, for another example, the disabled as they did not measure up to the concept of his pipedream master race. He served time and during his sentence of 10 months, he wrote Mein Kampf. He proclaimed more living space for German people. He sought for the German race to have mastery in Europe or they would face extinction. Thus again, as Hitler thought, certain divergent races, people and sexual orientations needed to be removed. One can only presume he had the time in prison to stir up his hatred while getting ready to reorganized his party as a fanatical mass movement. Once Hitler had the power, he wanted and could now try to create genetic purity. Megalomania must also form a part of the whole equation.


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