RED – Retired Extremely Dangerous

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RED – Retired Extremely Dangerous

So, what would you expect from an American action film? CIA operatives, Russians, car chases/crashes, political figures, lots of shooting and killing, of course, this happens. All these factors will get an audience, and with Bruce Willis as our bad-ass occasionally killing lots of people, the movie punters will take notice.


The plot is passable but lightweight and plods along, but the narrative is a bit confusing. Our problem starts straight away as we wonder why the hard revered retired ex-CIA agent would take along a dizzy lady, who is a telephone operator, on his road trip. So initially, we are faced a bit of a bemused tone. This stretches the story’s base. It is compounded with the music and sound which actually evokes a comical angle to the film that continues with spouts of dance music in the background as certain objects get blown up. This notwithstanding being perpetuated with rock ‘n’ roll during fist fights, it all lends an ear or irony.

The dialogue is light-hearted although we have much carnage which purports to comic book style. You have to let reality escape you at times as you watch one guy shoot a gun whose bullet hits an oncoming rocket and explodes killing the lady who fired the rocket as much as the ex-CIA agent, actress Helen Mirren, who keeps watch on a house which is also being watched by many CIA surrounding the house and they do not notice her.

There is a plot in the movie and other lofty talents appear to help as ex-CIA agents, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman. We end up with a Hollywood type movie that lends itself to movie clichés and rehashed action that ends up like what Kick Ass did for superheroes. But don’t let this stop you as this could be all that you love in a movie!!

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