Against Stem Cell Research Prohibition

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Stem cell research has fast become a hugely debatable subject because of the controversies it has evoked, albeit through taking major strides in advancement in the biomedical research field. The potential is vast for stem cells, and it creates the hope that the medical world can not only repair but also regenerate the damaged and impaired bodily tissues of patients to restore their function. The ongoing controversy has arisen from the medical research which involves using cells from human embryos. This leads the debate about stem cells to many aspects of humans on earth. Those arguments are mainly regarding ethical and moral issues. One such branch of stem cell research, which has sparked the debates, concerns therapeutic purposes. This research area is a fascinating field because it can hold possible cures for a wide range of serious medical problems. Within this paper, I will argue on the benefits of stem cell research, and how the benefits may overshadow whether research should be prohibited.

Therapeutic cloning involves the use of cells to mend damaged tissue in the body, such that is found after Parkinson’s disease, a stroke, and spinal injuries. There is support for the effectiveness of therapeutic cloning as shown by work involving the introduction of stem cells into the brain of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, of which about 1 million Americans live with. Parkinson’s disease occurs as a result of a gradual loss of a specific type of nerve cell located in an area of the brain. Although not yet routine clinical procedure, and more information is needed, trials offer the proof-of-principle for the approach that once the cells which have been added to the brain, differentiate to form nerve cells. They can in turn then lead to a recovery of the lost function. Moreover, at this time, there is no real treatment to stop or slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease, so stem cell research cannot be ignored. On the other hand, there are various treatments and methods, such as medicines and sometimes surgery which help alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms. Moreover, mice treated for Parkinson’s with embryonic stem cells have died from brain tumors. Some would also argue that there is such a high risk associated with brain surgery. This being said people with the debilitating symptoms of the disease would still feel positive that with the news given by EuroStemCell. They unite more than 90 European stem cell and regenerative medicine research labs. Recent trials with stem cells, major and long-lasting improvements were seen in some patients which alleviated them from their awful disease.

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