TEFL Teacher Trainer – Roles and Responsibilities

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As a teacher of TEFL to prospective teachers, there are first a number of general responsibilities for the daily teaching job. I must provide a learning environment that is conducive to a TEFL learning atmosphere. I must be teaching the methods of TEFL using recognised teaching methods. I also have to show how TEFL would be taught in the classroom. This means explaining my methods of teaching a foreign language that mirrors methods that can be taught in their classes. Furthermore, I need to show future teachers how to interact with others and help them with their initial questions and understanding of TEFL. I have to instruct them on the basics and fundamental needs of a career starting in TEFL teaching which will teach them to be creative and provide them with an understanding of what will entail when they take up their first teaching role abroad.

My job has a range of specific duties, I must complete on a daily basis. I have to create a lesson plan that fulfills all the units of study that the students have to understand, complete, and reflect on. This learning of the basics of TEFL teaching gets the students ready for their employment abroad with a deeper upstanding that will give them confidence.  I have to set an educational plan for each day so I am satisfied I have completed all that is needed to be covered for the TEFL certificate while making sure all the students are involved individually and in groups while being interested, informed, and challenged.

Within the 20 hours of teaching practice the trainee teachers take, I must prepare creative activities for the students to complete. These activities although for the benefit of the teachers must also highlight the teaching methods of TEFL as the groundwork for their future needs. It is my prerogative to apply strategies that highlight TEFL teaching methods. It is important to be creative as this is fundamental to the methods of teaching TEFL. This involves group work, presentations, teaching practice, feedback, and reflection. 

I have to also monitor the students’ development over the course. This entails helping them with their ideas, teaching practice, and showing them how to teach. I must also recognise those who are taking the course and not showing a willingness to complete it or who think that just appearing is a pass. These people have to be spoken to or encouraged to work as an individual and in a group to complete all tasks and to complete the certificate program that agrees with all TEFL accreditation.

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