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I was having a look through some TOEIC lessons about analysing questions I did and found this conversation activity. I thought I would share. So, you give strips of paper out with each of the answers on them. The students (in pairs) must work together to come up with a flowing conversation that uses all the answers. There should also be room for a beginning and ending, too.


I am her/his girlfriend/boyfriend.

We were friends.

He was my limousine driver.

She cuts my hair.

We go jogging together.

We were drunk and fell over.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you that.

I was very scared.

I felt embarrassed.

I thought it was a stupid idea.

I thought he was gay.

Good morning.

Of course.

Example conversation:

A: Hello, Rhianna.

B: Good morning.

A: Can I ask you some questions?

B: Of course.

A: Is it true you are Brad Pitt’s very good friend?

B: I am his girlfriend.

A: Wow! I thought you only knew him as friends.

B: We were friends.

A: Ok. So, how about Angelina? Has she done anything?

B: She cuts my hair.

A: How did you feel when you first met Angelina?

B: I was very scared.

A; Really! And how about Brad?

B: I thought he was gay.

A: What happened the first day you met Brad and Angelina?

B: We were drunk and fell over.

A: And your old boyfriend, do you still see him?

B: We go jogging together.

A: Right. Does he still sing?

B: No, he is my limousine driver.

A: Do you still date him?

B: I’m sorry I can’t tell you that.

A: Thank you for your time.

B: Thank you.

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