Teacher Classroom Observation Questions

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Do second language students often ask for clarification, verification, or correction? 

Do the L2 students co-operate with their peers or seem to have much contact outside of class with more proficient users?

Do your lesson plans incorporate various ways that L2 students can learn the language you are modelling, practising or presenting, in order to appeal to a variety of learning styles and strategies?

Does your teaching allow L2 learners to approach the task at hand in a variety of ways? Is your Learning Language Strategy training (LLS) implicit, explicit, or both?

Is your class learner-centred? 

Do you allow L2 students to work on their own and learn from one another? 

As you circulate in class, are you encouraging questions, or posing ones relevant to the L2 learners with whom you interact?

Do L2 students seem to have grasped the point?

Did they use the LLS that was modelled in the task they were to perform? 

What improvements for future lessons of this type or on this topic might be gleaned from L2 students’ behaviour?

Questions for students

In this class: 

I want to….


My favourite/least favourite kinds of class activities are… 

I am studying English because…….

Journal Questions

This week:

I studied… 

I learned… 

I used my English in these places…

I spoke English with these people… 

I made these mistakes…

My difficulties are… 

I would like to know… 

I would like help with…

 My learning and practising plans for the next week are…

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