Teaching Young Learners – Working with a Course Book

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Look at some of the material and state how you would make the lesson interesting by supplementing or expanding upon the content of the page.

  1. Swimming pool

For this exercise, I would personalize the exercise by giving the characters who say something in the picture names. As an introduction, I would follow the original lesson getting the children to repeat the sentences but each time I moved on to each person I would elicit some more ideas and vocabulary relating to that person.

For example, Dave, who says ‘let’s eat something’

Is Dave swimming?

What color hair does he have?

Who is he with?

After completing the exercise, having discussed each person saying something, I would give the learners a freer practice. I would get the learners into groups and get them to look at the pictures and elicit any more information from the picture. I would then get them to write 2 sentences each for 3 people. 

For example He is wearing goggles. She is playing with a ball.

I would now take the pictures away from each group

I would then have a quiz where each group has to ask say 2 sentences and then ask two questions. This would be repeated two times.

For example 1. He is wearing goggles. He has ginger hair.

What is his name?

What does he say?

2. She is climbing the stairs. She is with a friend.

What is her name?

What does she say?

The teacher and learners could check all the scores to see who has won the little competition.

2. Objects

For this activity, I would expand it by getting the learners into pairs and giving them identical pictures. These pictures could have a street scene or just objects. Although the pictures and the objects in the picture are the same, each of the learners has some of their objects colored in and others left blank (white). Some of the objects are colored the same. For example, in picture 1 the car is red but in picture 2 the car is blank, but picture 1 has a blue bird and picture 2 has a blue bird. The learners complete the task by sitting opposite each other so they are not able to see each other pictures. The task can be done like the game of battleships where they have a screen to divide themselves. It is up to the learners to work together telling each other the colors of objects in each other’s picture. They complete the drawing by coloring every object until they have identical colored pictures. The teacher can have a feedback session with the learners to check over their work.

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