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What salient aspects of  XXXXX (An Asian) University and the students that attend do you see as a contradiction?


‘Manners maketh the man’ (William of Wykeham, 1350).  Whether you are in the street, in a restaurant, or in our case in a university certain etiquette prevails. My observations were done to draw attention to the value of etiquette and also to show the extent of contradiction to normally accepted good manners there are in a university. The results showed that the philosophy lecture room in this Asian University far from being a quiet room of studious individuals was in fact a myriad of factors void of study ethics. The conclusion is that when it comes to studying there is not a universal ideal as the acceptable method.


Etiquette is not a new idea and is changing all the time, as we see nowadays with the development of mobile telephone, but propriety still holds to essential tenets.  There are unspoken rules about daily etiquette such as talking loud, using telephones in the wrong place, and being aware of others. There can be a lot of daily life that breaches social manners.  In a recent survey, 90% of people thought it would be rude to receive a telephone call at a church which goes to say certain arenas are faux par for telephone use.

In a social minefield for new students to university, one business has recognized what many would not think was needed for learning, and as such, CLM Business Etiquette Consulting in Austin Texas now advises how students should invest in their courses to get them through their university course. CLM’s study courses highlight factors such as establishing meaningful relationships with your professors and other students to ascertain a cooperative experience.

My observations will show that new students in this Asian University need to be shown, taught, and given rules as to how to behave in a lecture room whilst understanding other people’s feelings.

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What salient aspects of XXXXX University and the students that attend do you see as a contradiction?

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The topic that I chose to cover in my research paper was etiquette at an Asian University. In a lecture room with a vast array of cultures and backgrounds, some students seemed to have a different understanding of how to act in front of a professor delivering their lecture. During this project, some of the observations really opened up my eyes to the misbehaviors within the study environment resulting in astonishment at the results.

According to Wikipedia, etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. My simple definition was: the way you are expected to act in a particular environment. My conclusion based on the findings of my research is that the word “etiquette” was left out of the university’s code of conduct and some of the students’ minds on campus.

To begin this project, I first had to come up with a list of the acceptable characteristics that would be deemed appropriate in any university’s rules of appropriacy, otherwise, I could not argue that the behaviors found in my results were questionable. I called these the “top 7 rules to create a peaceful classroom.” In many respects, these were not hard to propose as they had already been observed. These are as follows but not in any particular order;

  1. Not eating and drinking in class
  2. Not talking when someone else is speaking
  3. Not arriving late/leaving early
  4. Not addressing the Professor inappropriately
  5. Not answering a phone call, or habitually texting
  6. Not Sleeping, or laying your head on the table
  7. Concentrate on the lecture

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