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To some give perspective on the picture, we drove out of Muscat down route 15 admiring the immense Oman mountain landscape as it towered over us in our little car. The route took us to Nizwa Fort. However, we had to stop to admire how the sun shone over the mountains.

Destinations in Decline

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Any sustainable holiday destination has to be nurtured not only through constant upkeep but also noticing trends and upgrading. These are a few examples of the problems that any travel destination has to face up to. The tourism life cycle of any holiday town or city will see a variation which means it will have stagnation as well as times of development. There is always the problem of upcoming new destinations that take people interest almost immediately. This means any established resort has to understand and push forward without being left behind as other places prosper. In this short essay, I will try to highlight factors with regard to the decline and rise of tourism in any given resort.

To begin with, recent high profile travel destinations such as Dubai and Singapore have shown the world how strategic tourism plans have come to fruition. Theme parks, massive structures recognised globally and even Grand Prix racing have shone a light on these destinations. We see that even though these places are high end, evidence still shows that to keep ahead any tourist destination has to develop and expand. We see that within a life cycle any place can be in rejuvenation while others are in stagnation. A case in point would be Benidorm in Spain. This town had extreme growth with a saturation of European visitors during the late eighties. It then became known as a place solely for sunbathing and nightlife and the lush green trees and vegetation replaced by concrete apartments. This shows that a product life cycle exists as people suddenly started to get bored with this mundane kind of holiday.

So the question is who decision should it be to sustain or turn around travel destinations? Although political decision can help these places with investment by encouraging foreign investment, some would say that it still has to be local decisions where local knowledge of the qualities that the resort has will help rejuvenate tourism. This being said places can stagnate even with local decisions. Places can lose a focus of what they really think will make their location a viable option to visit.

Moreover, a place like Pattaya in Thailand seems to have lost its focus. Pattaya came to prominence as a rest and relaxation destination for American soldiers and has lived up to that in the following years. Although this is good for business, Pattaya has added many attractions that would tend to suit a more family orientated holiday or other clientele that is not just here for the nightlife. You could argue who are they really trying to cater for? They offer the sun bathed beaches, but the Pattaya beach is not that big and the expansion of this beach is not forthcoming and the general look of it can be unappealing. This is just one of the factors that show a town that is trying to develop but has no real focus of how to compete with other world destinations.

In this brief essay, I hope I have highlighted that any tourist retreat should never take their destination for granted as with any life cycle there are ups and down. Many destinations nowadays offer real holidays, not just a mass tourist experience. People want much more from their holiday, and it is these places that have to realise that.