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Egalitarianism highlights equal rights, so everyone is equal which means all of us recognizing other people’s plights and other people’s extremes.

Firstly, you have only got to look at this picture above from the protests in Bangkok. The multicolored group, neither red nor yellow, were trying to highlight the plight of the rural protester. They expressed they are not educated enough to accept democracy and the new rule of the new government. In many ways, it could be true. However, why are others just poking fun at them? In Thai society, shouldn’t everyone have equal rights and a right to a proper education? Why is there Elitist thinking? And, why is there such a divide? Society can never come together if people do not trust or respect the other.  

Furthermore, in Thailand where nearly half of the workforce are women, you can ask, do women have an equal role? Are there equal amounts of women and men in the Government? Although the Thai constitution specified that women and men have equal rights, the challenge is the gap between words and reality. We see that gender stereotypes usually prevail and traditional beliefs do not really change.

Secondly, look at the next picture below. What can you see? Who would you say is normally the abuser?

In our Utopian model, everyone would be seen as equal so the image as man the all-powerful being would hopefully weaken.

Finally, in all these examples, our egalitarian message here is to highlight the divide that many countries put themselves in that sees rich people in a country within which there are other citizens in abject poverty. Here, emphasizes a class divide that has no real hope of narrowing.  Education failing and Governments are slow to make real change. This is why we think a Utopian idea, where Governments either by way of tax, salary rise for the poor, create a climate where pop stars, TV stars, and basically half talented nobodies are put on a pedestal as idols and real people whose value has far more worth to society made to be heroes. It means methods do not let the rich get richer and richer without bearing some of the weight of a nation’s poverty. We can all live on an equal basis.

We can start to appreciate the better values and morals in society. We can further recognize male superiority has been an undeniable trait of humanity.

Hopefully, all this would create a society that helps those at the lower strata of life and supports progressive changes for women.