England in Crisis – An article review of ‘David Cameron and the London Riots’

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Now that the general election 2015 is looming, I will refer back to David Cameron‘s legacy circa August 2010. Parts of England are ablaze and looters are running amok with wild abandon supposedly venting their anger at the English police and British government.  How could a seemingly democratic society and a country that is known to be rich and powerful end up in ashes leaving a nation confused and angry? I will present a review of the article ‘David Cameron and the London Riots (The Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Takes a Hit)’ on the Foreign Affairs website using my thoughts to argue against the article.

As the dust settles on any problem, there are always going to be people throwing accusations around, especially to the London riots that give grounds to the reason why these troubles started. The ‘David Cameron and the London Riots’ article labels all the problems on David Cameron. The article blames all his austerity measures. For example, his  81 billion pounds of cuts over four years. The riots were started by out-of-control hoodlums using the death of a man shot by police as their reason to burn and loot. Then, England saw copycat attacks as word got out that looting can be done and the police will be slow to stop the looters. Many businesses were looted and burnt to the ground. One can only imagine the after-effects on all concerned. The article does not seem to mention any of these mindless acts, and leaves the blame with Cameron who even, as the article mentions, has an ‘increasingly tense relationship between his Conservative Party and the police force’.

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