Photograph of the day – Khao Yai Bats

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On a trip in the national park of Khao Yai in central Thailand, we were told of the river of bats that stream out of the side of the mountain at night to eat. Duly fascinated, we drove from our rented cabin in the park to the destination not too far away. We parked the car and made out the way by foot along a dirt track to the base of the mountain then stood and waited in one of the many manioc fields. As we looked up at the side of the mountain, we could see that there were holes/caves where apparently the bats would come from. The best time to see the bats we were told was dusk. The sunset anticipation and excitement were increasing. In what appeared to be the start of the bats exiting the cave, we thought we had seen what we came for as a trickle of bats appeared. People started to point and shout. However, suddenly thousands upon thousands of the bats emerged to hunt the flying insects in the late day sky as the sun went down. We stood there in amazement as the snake-like movement of all the bats closely packed together weaved its way across the Khao Yai twilight. It is a sight not to be missed.

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