Does a picture speak a thousand words? My challenge in Dubai!

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So, after my last photos and being a “budding photographer”, I thought I would try to get some interesting photos that were a little different as I strolled around Dubai albeit for short periods due to the immense heat. I popped back into the mall to get a drink quite quickly. These were created on my phone, so some of the quality was lost I feel, but hopefully, they get people creating thoughts and questions.

A solid concrete block that sits in the desert sun is maybe there for life. It’s strong and relatively immovable. Is it a metaphor for ‘Long Lies 4 Longevity’? I am always thinking of those pictures that get the students talking. I am using my iPad in my class, and some of these pics will look good mirrored onto the screen. The test is to see what the students think. Do they recognise Dubai Mall? They can not miss the 829.8 m high Burj Khalifa towering over the Dubai skyline. When was it built and is it still the highest structure in the world?

Dubai Mall

Burj khalifa


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