What makes a good (English) teacher working in Thailand? – Thai class survey

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Any new foreign language teacher in Thailand can feel that they have studied and acquired the knowledge to feel confident in a classroom full of excitable children. This knowledge lies at the feet of the teacher having the foresight to know how the students might react in any learning situation. One of the most important factors of teaching is the students who have to be in the right frame of mind while having the willingness to learn. This said, a confident teacher still has to change course when their best-laid plans do not seem to be working because of uninterested/reluctant students. For this report, I based my research on what a good teacher should have and do in class. I surveyed 50 Thai students who were between 15 and 17 years of age. This was done by way of a survey during the class where I had the chance to circulate and talk to the students.

My initial thought was to use a list of factors I thought the students would empathize with that showed the character of a teacher.

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One thought on “What makes a good (English) teacher working in Thailand? – Thai class survey

    […] have spent many years in Asia and have noticed younger students learning traits. I have had to change my style of teaching to […]


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