Sense and Sensibility: A summary

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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin

(909 words)

Set around 1800 in England, this story tells of propriety and the appropriateness of people in that period of romanticism and sensibility. The story starts off with the rich Henry Dashwood on his deathbed, decreeing all his worldly goods to his son as was the rule at that time. This is very well for the son, but Henry’s two daughters Elinor and Marianne are left to make do with a humble five hundred pounds a year for their family. Their fate is worsened still by having to vacate their mansion to a smaller residence thus feelings become low as they have to lower their level of custom. Their fate is further troubled by the gentlemen that they fall for.

One such person comes into Elinor’s life before she leaves the mansion. A certain Edward Ferris, of a noble family, he spends time with Elinor, in a time when she is down. She is a little confused by his intentions, as he is not so disposed to pursue a lady even though he feels this way. Elinor still wishes them to be together although she is a lady and would not show her love so openly.  Edward is also to be married off but must choose a lady of money as is the case, even though, he, as a simple man believes love does cross boundaries. The only difficulty comes when Edward is called to London just as the relationship strengthens leaving Elinor alone and confused.

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