To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar: A journey through American Society

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To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything

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At first glance, the main actors in this movie viewers would not expect the roles they have taken on. These relatively famous actors are Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze.  Who? You say. They were famous in the nineties.  So the surprise is, this movie has them dressed up in drag in a Thelma and Louise type road movie, of sorts. The fact about this movie is that they are not just transvestites; they go the whole hog to near on transsexual status where their persona and characters take on distinct female movements and nature. The movie begins by Vida aka Swayze and Noxema aka Snipes winning a New York drag queen competition and as a result, having a chance to win a national drag queen competition in Hollywood. Before they leave for Los Angeles, they bump into one of the losers, a certain South American transvestite named Chi Chi who is asked to join them. Here starts their road trip, at least until they realize they have no money, thus they sell their flight tickets to purchase a cheap beat-up Cadillac for their adventure.

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