Mythological background in literature  – Dr. Phil meets Greek Gods and a Goddess 

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I attended ‘Mythological background in literature’ classes. In these classes, I was asked to produce a presentation around Greek Gods and Goddesses. I thought up the idea of family conflict and Dr Phil discussing this with Zeus, Cronus, and Rhea. I used it as a skit to the class as you can easily do.


Interviewer (Dr Phil):  Good morning everyone and welcome to ‘Family Dilemmas with Dr Phil’ all the way on top of Mount Olympus in Greece. On today’s program, we have the tricky matter of a family feud. In this rare exclusive for the Dr. Phil TV show, we have three family members who are not only fighting but also fighting for supremacy of the universe.  It seems like a tricky dilemma but let’s hope we can help them with this problem.

To begin with and to let us into this incredible story is mother and wife, Rhea. Everyone, let‘s give her a round of applause.

Good morning Rhea.

Rhea: Good morning.

Interview: Thank you for coming to today.

Rhea: It’s quite an honour for you to be in the company of The Goddess, the mother of Gods. Do you feel the fertility?

Interviewer:  Well, I have heard you are the Goddess of fertility, but I am happily married, thank you!

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