The Picture of Dorian Gray – A summary

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Set in the nineteenth century, The Picture of Dorian Gray takes us into the life of the ever-youthful Dorian Gray, our main character, and his plunge into the depths of ignorance, indulgence, corruption, and murder as the picture painted for him reveals his fate through a ghastly transformation.

The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

To begin, Basil Hallward, the painter so admires Dorian Gray’s elegance and beauty that he paints a picture of him that he quips is the finest picture he has ever created. Dorian is a well-to-do gentleman who is with money and very pure in that he is not one to indulge in the nastier habits of life. The only problem with Dorian is that he is impressionable and by meeting Lord Henry Wotton, Dorian is captivated by the Lord’s hedonism and contempt of Victorian society. Lord Henry only lives for his aristocratic life and does nothing while getting pleasure from corrupting others.

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