What happens when you are the tourist attraction?

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I have now been living in Ibiza in Spain for two years. I used to live in England in the countryside, so this little island off the coast of Spain is a little different. I live in San Antonio which is what you would call a fishing port transformed. It is still not that big, but there are still lots of hotels. The major attraction here are the nightclubs, and in high season the influx of young Europeans is tremendous. From an idyllic fishing port, it turns into the party capital of Europe.

So, who could deny Ibiza as the party capital, it has twenty-four-hour nightclubs and nonstop partying lifestyle? As one club closes another one opens. You end up coming out of a dark nightclub at 6 a.m. into the bright sunlight only to go to another full-on rave that opens at 7 a.m. If that’s not all, nightclubs here also have foam parties, waterfalls and swimming pools with some having no roof where you can see the stars as you dance. These club meccas attract all the best disc jockeys from around the word, so who would not want to come?

My feeling for all these tourists is one of excitement. As I walk to work in one of the bars on the sea-front, I am enthused by their energy and spirit of these young ravers to enjoy themselves. You see them all lounging around at 7 a.m. in the morning after a night of enjoyment, and I laugh at their general disregard for a decent night’s sleep. This is what having a good time is all about, they are living life to the full.

As with any destination though, once it becomes popular, it suddenly gets packed and Ibiza is no different. My bar has so many people of an evening watching the sunset, it’s hard for many of these people to buy a drink and relax. We also have a little bit of trouble now and then, when some nights a fight starts. Imagine it… there are only five staff members and nearly two hundred people. We can not stop this. We also have the police come over from time to time because a few residents complain. We try to close at 3 a.m. but with so many people sometimes it’s hard to keep them quiet.

Downtown is no different, it’s great to see all these people, but you sometimes wonder why they would want to be with so many people from their own country. Some of them actually eat the same food and do the same as what they do at home, and in their rooms watch television programs from their own country. You wonder if they realise they are in a different country.

I can not complain though because all the people bring a great atmosphere to the local town, and it is great to meet new people from all over the world because on the whole they are all well behaved and have only come to enjoy each others company. Also, my bar would not make any money without them!!!!

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