Dealing with War – in the eyes of Speeches by Winston Churchill and Tony Blair

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War is dreadful at any time although predicaments conceive where only one option is controllably possible. Great Britain is one of those countries that over the centuries have had their fair share of conflicts. Through arrogance or valour, Great Britain has stood up when the enemy has shown its worst and fought for their right to bring a halt to what they were faced with. With regard to these conflicts, there has always been a prominent figure who leads the way, be it as King or Prime Minister. An integral part of these conflicts has been these leaders’ keynote speeches that not only endeavour to rouse the government and population but also justify their right for war.  For this essay, two of Britain’s 20th-century leaders’ emotive speeches will be discussed; those being Winston Churchill and Tony Blair. Their respective wars were Churchill and World War II (1939-1945) with Germany, and Tony Blair and his war with Saddam Husain’s regime (2003 – not completely finished).  The two prime ministerial speeches were made first by Churchill two days into his tenure on his first Commons speech and Tony Blair also in the Commons two days before the invasion of Iraq. The task here is to compare and contrast their respective war speeches while highlighting what makes them imperative.

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