Dogme teaching

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I have added this video from Scott Thornbury where he talks about the Dogme style of teaching.  I mentioned this method as opposed to using ESA or PPP. There are, of course, other videos by him talking about Dogme and it would be wise to listen to them also. Dogme is a constructive method of teaching. The materials light theory, he mentions, is a great idea where you can work on what is inherent in the students and that is their knowledge of the world and how they perceive it and what relates to them instead of teaching unrelated topics that students, in a way, do not care about. Going back to the materials light aspect, I always found there was a queue for the Xerox and you were sometimes overloaded with worksheets and such like, so to be thinking in ‘materials light’ way could be so productive and get away from worksheet as a time filler.

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