Travel Agency Complaint

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Situation: You are the owner of a small travel agency.

You receive a complaint about a holiday you booked for a client. The problem is that the number of stars of the hotel does not correspond. You promised the customers a four star hotel and when they arrived, they discover the hotel only had 3 stars.

Solution: Accepting the complaint

Usually, any situation of this occurrence has come about by a simple clerical mistake. Mistakes do and will always happen and as a company you have to deal with these kinds of incidents in a professional and positive manner. This means getting the problem resolved as fast as possible without exacerbating the situation. You have to realise that upsetting clients even one person may have a detrimental effect on your business. Any company does not want to be spoken of badly or feel they have let down any customer. So, in this situation with regard to a customer being put into a 3 star hotel instead of a 4 star which he booked, I feel there is only one real option and that is to move quickly to restore the situation to how it previously should have been.

First of all, I would offer our company’s sincere apologies for the mistake and assure the customer that we were holding the client’s problem as precedence. The next priority would be to get the guest to the right 4 star hotel. If this meant having to hire a van or taxi this would have to be the case. I would also send out one of our representatives to the hotel of the customer. The representative could offer the customer a day tour as an apology. This would show that our company has a commitment to upholding the integrity of the business and shows our willingness to get the situation resolved. We would not want the client to feel we have further aggravated the situation by slowing the process. Any claims by the customer and finger-pointing by the staff can be made at a later date. The first priority is to get the customers to the designated hotel that was paid for. 

The consequence of the company’s action may result in the additional costs of paying for vans, taxis and reimbursing the client. The price of getting the client to the correct hotel can not really compare with the cost to the company’s image if we were to ignore the client’s obvious wishes. 

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