A Cycle from Birth to Death By Richard Walker

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Reflection on the Article

I would like to reflect on the article ‘A Cycle from Birth to Death’. I found it an enjoyable read and recognised some major points that I feel, for myself as an ESL teacher, need to be examined. The core of this reflection is to refer to some of the issues raised in the article and relate them to my further teaching experiences and some to do with me, learning on the SIT course within a group.

Within a class-learning group, it is true that some students are louder than others and some have a more aggressive way of talking and students may feel intimidated. I think that with a new group of people there are going to be some with egos and some who seek attention. All have their own character to bring into the classroom. I can relate to this as I got the feeling that even though as a teacher you may have this great lesson plan if the student are not working together and there is a tier of learners not all working together, you will have problem such as people not wanting to speak because that one person or others always do. I think that if you were starting a 30 hours course, for example, those first lessons for the students to get to know each other could be vital to you having 30 hours of collaborative engagement and an enjoyable experience as a complete group. By this I mean that everybody is helping each other and the weaker ones do not feel inhibited to try and others recognise there are weaker students and will pull them along. There will not be a few that are always quiet and the loud ones are the one who always take control. 

Moving on from getting the group familiar with each other, the article refers to there being leaders in the group. I get the feeling like this with respect to my SIT group that some of the group maybe talk a lot and some disagree with my views which is fine in my respect. I think that overcoming this subjective view of others where you might get a bad feeling and realising that you are as much as part in this as they are and that you not there to battle; it is supposed to be a rewarding experience not a place where arguments are won and lost. From the perspective of a student, they could find themselves getting lost. It is the idea that students take on board what others are saying and they think about it, but their views are worthwhile too. Everyone is essentially there to achieve the same purpose.

This purpose I have found happening. It is true to say with my experience in the classroom I have had classes who have got on tremendously, even to the extent of celebrating my birthday with me. I remember that the ones I thought were a bit weaker were joining in and when they spoke English the other students, if the weaker ones did make a mistake, they laughed with them not at them. I think this makes everything better for such activities as group work as they will get the job done as a first priority and if they are talking the activity will get done quicker. I think the key word here from the article was a ‘cohesive group’ which reflect the positive attitude.

I really liked this article and it made me reflect a lot and put me in a better frame of mind about the whole learning experience. There are many facts that I would like to expand on in further reading. I think for this short article I think it has shown a wider outlook for me and in that case I will give it a rating of 5 out of 5.

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