An admiration of ‘Children’ by Vicki Feaver

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In this essay, I will show how effectively Vicki Feaver, a female poet, conveys the influence of not only a mother but also possibly all mothers. This poem is about a loving parent who wishes her child to have an upbringing of love, care, and ambition.

The first two tercets (three lines of verse) convey an image of a woman through careless accident or careful plan believes the child is brought into this life to be loved. Feaver uses the pronoun ‘we’ to encompass all mothers but it is also personal. The mother is there ‘where they (the child) began’. The description of the children being, ‘red mewling strangers’ conveys the recognition of the reality of what has happened at the birth and the querulous crying of the child. Feaver furthers this point with, ‘they tear our threshold’ to show how life for the mother will change now they have to care for their child. It almost feels like Feaver is expressing the magnitude and intensity of a newborn. However, Feaver’s fondness for this joy of new birth shows compassion with the line ‘immediately we love them’.

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